Get off the couch and rule the ring in the first full-body wrestling game on Kinect for Xbox 360! In Hulk Hogan’s Main Event, Hulkamaniacs train with wrestling superstar and icon Hulk Hogan himself. As your mentor, Hulk will help you build your own wrestling personality and school you in the art of showmanship to win over the crowd. Entertain roaring fans with stunts, combos, and hard hits, that will knock your opponent to the mat. The crazier and wilder your motions, the more high impact your wrestling performance is in your living room ring!

Hulk Hogan, wrestling icon and global sensation, mentors you so you can give the best show for the crowd. 
Perform 50+ jaw dropping special attacks and stunts.  Pump up the crowd with destructive combos and finishing moves: pile drivers, chair smash, body slam, clothesline…Deliver it all like you mean it!
Design your wrestling superstar: Create your king of the ring by choosing ethnicity, body type, face, hair style and tattoos, then customize his outfit to your liking.
Showmanship: It’s all about showmanship so get the crowd roaring to earn higher scores and better status.
Perform in 9 exciting venues including the backyard, local gym and mega stadium in front of a massive crowd.
Use a variety of damaging props and objects including metal chairs and ladders to excite the fans and win the match.
Xbox LIVE Leaderboards showcase Stunt of the Day and All Time Best Stunts from players nationwide.
Multiple Gameplay Modes extend the challenge:
Campaign: Work your way from backyard matches to the big stadium while keeping the crowd on their feet.
Head to Head: Take turns delivering punishing combos with a friend’s help. 
Quick Stunt: Practice any extreme stunt before primetime in the ring. 
Hardcore: Fight tough-to-beat enemy wrestlers under the extreme difficulty setting. 
Tutorial: Learn basic moves and special stunts to become the best.
Replay Highlights: Relive your best stunts in slow motion to revel in your glory days.

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